I remember while studying civil law in Tarragona land as my eyes and my hands set their own thoughts in a notebook to a huge hall projecting part of a non-existent housing. It was the end of the race, right, with satisfactory results and a promising future, however, my dream, my real dream so far has not come true.

At 6 years I won my first prize drawing. It was the Club Maginet Walt Disney. But it reflected my true background, my principal. My lines, my spatiality, my geometry, my ability to know how to choose the specific pieces, also of abstraction from the concrete to find the essence that leads, inevitably, to the senses, to the overall beauty.

Yes, I ended up right. I worked very well indeed, in the business world. Travel, contacts, meetings, moments of joy and others of greater frustration … until one day, with reason and without reason, was my moment. I came not start anything because everything was started. Just everything on my way to find me, everything that moved him make sense. And so I did. With his age, ideal, I went back to college, stages of formation and development that have led me to the point where today I am another person, another thought, another way to act, to create, to invent, to excite , to perfect. All of this in the word ART. Capitalized. Super Caps. I’m in a starting point. In a compass that guides me towards different cardinal points, not to mention the north of balance, allow me in all these areas that are my inspiration.

Global Art is precisely this fusion of the different stages of art that have allowed me to search and find the overall beauty.

I am creator of cakes. If, ephemeral art creations, fungible, allowing you to decorate, finally, to be beauty in all its dimensions. The senses enjoy a culinary sculpture.

I am CREATOR OF SPACES. If, in corners, capturing moments that convey harmony that lets you move through space that surrounds you, you get, sheltering, which provides that anyone who comes wants to stay. Spaces to be smelled, touched, seen, complete with music, with nature, illustrated … the senses again present.

I am a stylist. If, fashion and more … to make your day allows you move around your home, at work in your life properly. The styling is everything, begins at home and ends up in our home our workplace, leisure and entertainment.

I am, in short, a lover and addicted to art. Engine creations, I really wishes and satisfactions. Meeting, design, decorum, I think, combine, optimized, enhanced, however, restructured, give and also grieved with your senses.

shutterstock_130269215Arte es, simplemente, Arte.